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Our Activities

- Construction of Multi Storeyed Commercial & Residential Buildings on Contract Basis
- Construction of Residential Buildings
- Construction Management
- Buildings renovation works
- Development of properties on joint ventures


Anwar and Associates are engaged in the development of Sites at prime locations in the twin cities for Construction of Commercial and Anwar and Associates are engaged in the development of Sites at prime locations in the twin cities for Construction of Commercial and Residential Complexes. The following are the Methodology Adopted by Anwar and Associates.

1.Planning and Designing of the Project

After acquiring a site and dismantling the existing structures, initial planning is done for a Residential/ Commercial complex duly following MCHregulations . A team of expert in the field of Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting ect, are appointed, who are involved in the basis planning of the proposed Complex. Preliminary approval drawings are finalized.

Necessary approvals are obtained from the competent authorities such as MCH, Town Planning HUDA, Fire Department, and Civil Aviation Department etc.

2.Construction of the Project

Having done the detailed planning, designing of the Project is done. Then the procedure is followed for the construction of the project : Detailed working drawing and structural designs for the foundation & structure are obtained from the consultants based on Architectural plans. The work is executed by allotting to competent job workers. For the excavation of foundations, normally earth moving machinery are deployed. Manual parts of the work is done by engaging competent job workers having labour gangs specialists in field earth work excavation.All the materials such as steel cement, Wood, Aluminum, Marbles, Granites, Vitrified Tiles, Water supply & Plumbing materials, Pipes C.P Fittings &Sanitary wares of best quality and standard makes ect. are directly procured by us and only the labour components is awarded on Piece work system. R.C.C designs of the structures are done taking into consideration the safety against Earthquake and wind pressures, after through investigating of the soils are arrived at. The structural designs are based on standard specifications for loading ect. as per the codes of bureau of Indian standards for the required loadings.

3. The Organization

comprises of a team of experienced & competent Engineers, in the fields of Civil, Electrical ect.,under the control of a Senior Chief Engineers to supervise the day-to-day basis.

4. A Team of Professionals

Our people are very much concerned about the quality aspect of its products. At every stage right from the procurement of materials to the Construction and final finishes, care is taken for quality & aesthetics. Materials of best quality are procured from reputed suppliers & manufactures. Necessary tests are conducted at every stage to as certain the quality.

Manufacturer of Ready Mix Concrete is monitored very closely by keeping our Engineer at the Plant to supervise every batch of the Mix being supplied. Specialists in the field of Structure, Architecture, Electrical,Plumbing,Water supply Fire fighting etc., are made to have periodical visits to our work Site in additional to the daily check & close supervision by the house team.

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